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N. Bey, CEO
N. Bey, CEOByBlock It Services, NY

I really enjoyed working with Rachael! You can tell that she is extremely passionate about coaching. I am just starting out with my first business and she really helped me to navigate it all. The coaching not only focused on my business goals but helped me to identify strengths that I could definitely be utilizing more. I started out a bit unsure at times whether I was really ready to have my own business. I finished knowing that I am indeed ready. I have so much more knowledge of the process and what it takes to start a business.

Dr. P. Mosley
Dr. P. MosleyNew York NY

Rachael, my coach is this person!
I have always had a desire to achieve more, to be successful, to be influential, to have confidence, etc. but I didn’t know how to get there. Rachael’s calm demeanor and the manner in which she converses with you – enabled me to share my weaknesses. Once, trust was established – she showed me what skill sets I needed, how to cultivate these skills and then held my hand while I utilized these skills. After a few months of intense conversations and doing the exercises she gave me – I obtained...

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Happy Love Month

Happy Love Month, at least that’s how it’s marketed. I personally love the concept, but have rephrased it to, ‘Love Yourself Month’! I find it compelling to purchase a valentine for one of my favorite people . . . ME! No, I’m not self-absorbed; I just remember when I used to be so sad when …

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Theme for June

June . . . The theme for June is enjoyment, as the weather is warm (hopefully and depending on where you are) and the days are long. As you plan and ponder, think about doing something fun, something you want to do instead of have to do! With the state of affairs, you may think …

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Leadership training for Women’s Enterprise Development center

On May 12, 2020, I conducted an introductory leadership training for the Women’s Enterprise Development Center in Westchester County, New York.  The webinar (our adjustment due to the pandemic) was engaging and interesting.  What made it interesting is the sharing and receiving of the knowledge that we all have leadership responsibilities whether we want them …

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