Happy Love Month

Happy Love Month, at least that’s how it’s marketed. I personally love the concept, but have rephrased it to, ‘Love Yourself Month’! I find it compelling to purchase a valentine for one of my favorite people . . . ME! No, I’m not self-absorbed; I just remember when I used to be so sad when I didn’t receive that paper valentine in grade school, the prom date, those diamond earrings.

In the ‘Year of You’ planner, I suggest making your own paper valentine with the standard you would use to make one for someone else and to consider mailing it to yourself. I hope you don’t think it’s silly or pathetic. It’s quite the opposite: it allows you to celebrate yourself, to appreciate yourself, to love yourself.

We crave so much from the outside – attention, acceptance, love. Perhaps try to embrace attention, acceptance, and love from within. I think to know you will like it!