N. Bey, CEO
N. Bey, CEOByBlock IT Services

I really enjoyed working with Rachael! You can tell that she is extremely passionate about coaching. I am just starting out with my first business and she really helped me to navigate it all. The coaching not only focused on my business goals but helped me to identify strengths that I could definitely be utilizing more. I started out a bit unsure at times whether I was really ready to have my own business. I finished knowing that I am indeed ready. I have so much more knowledge of the process and what it takes to start a business.

J. Bloom, CEO
J. Bloom, CEOBloom Transportation Services LLC

Rachael Gatling has provided an environment in which I am able to exchange ideas, brainstorm, and identify areas of my business to target for possible modification. She takes the time to learn about you, and what it is that you do, in order to learn how best she can be effective and have a beneficial impact on you. She has provided an outside perspective and has made suggestions for areas I may want to take into consideration to ensure more success. Rachael is very knowledgeable and always puts in effort to aid me in identifying my strengths and points me in the direction of resources that may be beneficial to my company and myself. Rachael is consistent and always works with my very busy schedule to make time for meetings to discuss present and future possibilities.

Dr. P. Mosley
Dr. P. Mosley

There are people who can help you and they do; but very few people have the ability to help you help yourself – Rachael, my coach is this person!
I have always had a desire to achieve more, to be successful, to be influential, to have confidence, etc. but I didn’t know how to get there. Rachael’s calm demeanor and the manner in which she converses with you – enabled me to share my weaknesses. Once, trust was established – she showed me what skill sets I needed, how to cultivate these skills and then held my hand while I utilized these skills. After a few months of intense conversations and doing the exercises she gave me – I obtained four promotions, networked with several major corporations, secured 3 grants totaling over $150k, I am managing several projects without the usual overwhelm. These organizational skills, coupled with a confident mindset which was cultivated by Rachael, has not only impacted my professional career but my personal life. Relearning how to manage my time, make decisions, and be a visionary has enabled me to accomplish a very personal impactful goal! I credit these major achievements in my life to Rachael – who has not only helped me to change my story – but to rewrite my story! Thank you Rachael for helping me to experience a new quality of living, perception, and interaction with people, my family, and myself!

R. Holder
R. HolderCEO, Janus Management Group

Rachael continues to impress. I was pleased to attend her introductory session, “How to be a Leader” today in anticipation of her upcoming leadership workshop series. Her ability to connect, engage, and inspire her attendees is wonderful and her vast experience in leadership and coaching provided a solid foundation for all who attended. Women in leadership are in demand more than ever and this series will help to drive not only competence but confidence. Looking forward to more great things from Rachael and Change Your Story.

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