Happy Love Month, at least that’s how it’s marketed. I personally love the concept, but have rephrased it to, ‘Love Yourself Month’! I find it compelling to purchase a valentine for one of my favorite people . . . ME! No, I’m not self-absorbed; I just remember when I used to be so sad when I didn’t receive that paper valentine in grade school, the prom date, those diamond earrings.

In the ‘Year of You’ planner, I suggest making your own paper valentine with the standard you would use to make one for someone else and to consider mailing it to yourself. I hope you don’t think it’s silly or pathetic. It’s quite the opposite: it allows you to celebrate yourself, to appreciate yourself, to love yourself.

We crave so much from the outside – attention, acceptance, love. Perhaps try to embrace attention, acceptance, and love from within. I think to know you will like it!

June . . .

The theme for June is enjoyment, as the weather is warm (hopefully and depending on where you are) and the days are long. As you plan and ponder, think about doing something fun, something you want to do instead of have to do! With the state of affairs, you may think this is difficult, but I encourage to you to think creatively.

In your ‘Year of You’ journal pages for this month, write what brought you joy in childhood. Are there things you can duplicate now? Are there new adventures you can try or try again?
Take the time to share if you wish . . .

On May 12, 2020, I conducted an introductory leadership training for the Women’s Enterprise Development Center in Westchester County, New York.  The webinar (our adjustment due to the pandemic) was engaging and interesting. 

What made it interesting is the sharing and receiving of the knowledge that we all have leadership responsibilities whether we want them or not.  It is obvious for people, organization and process managers, but not so obvious for parents, business owners with no employees and progressive thinkers.

Leadership is INFLUENCE; and if there are others that depend on us for information, services and assistance, then we are lead to a leadership calling. Lead to and embrace is two different concepts, but it is important to embrace, as it is agreed that everyone needs GOOD leadership.   

The adjectives we used to define good leadership are vision and mission-driven, accountable and responsible, decisive, self-motivated, passionate, people-oriented, empathetic, step up, accessible, solution provider, transparent (there are many here more) and NOT always appointed! This is important as it means that we can be leaders without an official title.  The good news is that although you don’t have to possess every trait; you can learn those that are missing but necessary. Also, what is not mentioned, but is just as important, is that you can be extroverted, introverted, soft-spoken, humble, gregarious, etc., and still be a good leader.  Just be yourself – with the proper skills, and you can find, embrace and enhance the leader in YOU!

No one is perfect at everything, nor should that be the expectation. But there are certain limitations which have been “our story” for too long. We can feel scared, inferior, insecure, even though in our heart, we want more! Maybe at times, we feel we can do it, but then those “other” feelings get in the way, paralyzing us and making us doubt.
It’s now time to ‘Change Your Story’. Why can some people achieve while others hold themselves back? I think it is a matter of believing in yourself. But how do you do that? My question to address your question is: how well do you know yourself?
People spend their time admiring others, studying others, getting to know everything except what’s inside. It’s no wonder you lose confidence; you don’t know what it takes to be the real you, the confident you. What do you really like? What does it take to really make you thrive?
The knowledge of YOU combined with the specifics of what you are seeking (an occupation, a business opportunity, a specialty), can give you the boost you need to become who you were meant to be.
Spend some time in reflection this week. Who are you? What do you like about YOU? What can you be counted on to do well? What do you daydream about? What secretly makes you smile?

Take pleasure in this task. And make it your favorite subject.

Need help? Contact me at ‘rgatling@changeyourstory.today’