No one is perfect at everything, nor should that be the expectation. But there are certain limitations which have been “our story” for too long. We can feel scared, inferior, insecure, even though in our heart, we want more! Maybe at times, we feel we can do it, but then those “other” feelings get in the way, paralyzing us and making us doubt.
It’s now time to ‘Change Your Story’. Why can some people achieve while others hold themselves back? I think it is a matter of believing in yourself. But how do you do that? My question to address your question is: how well do you know yourself?
People spend their time admiring others, studying others, getting to know everything except what’s inside. It’s no wonder you lose confidence; you don’t know what it takes to be the real you, the confident you. What do you really like? What does it take to really make you thrive?
The knowledge of YOU combined with the specifics of what you are seeking (an occupation, a business opportunity, a specialty), can give you the boost you need to become who you were meant to be.
Spend some time in reflection this week. Who are you? What do you like about YOU? What can you be counted on to do well? What do you daydream about? What secretly makes you smile?

Take pleasure in this task. And make it your favorite subject.

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